Coming Sept 1st, 2022

Dailycast news version 5.0 is coming September 1st! A totally revamped platform that not only provides daily news service but new content programs for broadcasters, mobile app developers, websites and online streamers!


Welcome to "Dailycast". Not just news but a suite of content that includes talk shows, music programs, custom-made AI news and online multimedia programs. Here are just some of the new features of what we now simply call "Dailycast".

  • NEW! AI custom news & promos for you.
  • NEW! Business news headlines.
  • NEW! Talk show programming.
  • NEW! Dance Music weekly national show.
  • NEW! Dropbox delivery option.
  • NEW! On-demand programs available anytime.
  • NEW! Headline news feed for websites.
  • NEW! Podcast shows available for broadcasting.
  • NEW! Client access platform for all media files.
  • and much much more!